Stop skipping workouts.

Start getting results.

Every other fitness app tells you what to do.

Spotter makes sure you actually do it.



Set a goal.

The key to getting stronger, fitter, and healthier is doing the right thing over and over.

That's what Spotter is built for.

Set a Weekly Target

Choose three, four, or five workouts per week.

Keep winning the week and you'll get the results you want.

Set a Weekly Goal

Invite Your Spotters

They get an email with your progress every week.

You'll think twice about skipping a workout when you know they'll know.

Invite friends and family to keep you accountable.

Take Post-Workout Selfies

The sweaty selfie proves you worked out.

Check out friends' workouts to encourage and motivate each other.

Submit sweaty selfies as proof you worked out.

It works because
you do.

You don't need the "perfect" workout plan or a magic pill.

You do need to show up consistently.

Go From This 😢

Calendar showing workouts before Spotter

"I don't feel like working out today."

To This 😅

Calendar showing workouts after Spotter

"I'm going to the gym. Period."

It makes working out fun.

Building a fitness habit is hard, we know.

But you can do it with the right plan and support.

Celebrate Wins

Reach milestones and share your achievments.

You'll be an inspiration to others when you keep succeeding.

Celebrate goals and milestones with others
Join groups with friends and family

Join Groups

Compete with your friends and meet new people improving themselves.

Get Support When You Need It

Get alerts if you get off track or fall behind on your goal.

Get alerts if you fall behind on your workouts

Free Workout Plans and Nutrition Guides

Once you commit, you won't quit.

The hardest part of working out is convincing yourself to go do it.

Make the one decision to exercise consistently and let Spotter help you do it.


More likely to succeed

When share your goal with someone.

At least according to psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews.


Workout Programs

We'll help you get started with customizable workout programs for beginners to intermediate exercisers.


Average review by our friends and family

So what if it's a small sample size?

They're big fans. 🙌


Health knowledge and resources

Not sure where to start? That's okay.

We curate the best exercise, nutrition, and recovery info and provide it to members for free.

The "Why" Wall

We asked members why they joined and here's what they said.

Jessica Hall
90 Workouts

My trainer suggested I sign up because I was skipping workouts with him 🤷‍♀️

10lbs. Gained

Start a side hustle recruiting trainers and their clients. And keep my own habit going.

Kyleigh N.
24 Workouts

Improve my mental health and I think it starts with physical health. Hopefully this app will help :)

92 Workouts

I got a little fluffy during COVID 😄 🤣 and I want to lose the weight.

Sarah Daly
25 Workouts

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, so I cut out gluten and am going to the gym 3x per week.

Matthew M.
5 Workouts

My goal is to lose 9 lbs by July and ride my bike to Mesa and back.

Mateo Ortiz
22lbs. lost

I'm a new dad and want to set a good example for my son.

Abby Crisson
15 Workouts

Drop 7kg by my birthday! 🥳 🎂 🎉

Joann S.
55 Workouts

Fitness is a choice and I'm deciding to make the right one.

7lbs. Lost

No more excuses! I stopped drinking this year and added working out to become a healthier (and thinner) version of myself.

80 Workouts

Once I stopped playing football my lifting routine suffered significantly. This will get me back at it and I'm getting my bros on board.

Cameron Davis
3 Workouts

I'm training for my first bodybuilding competition and am sharing my progress.

3lbs. Gained

I need to add weight and gain muscle and strength.

John Olsen
70 Workouts

I'm going to start treating my body like the temple it is.

Julia A.
39 Workouts

Focus on my overall health since I'm having a baby in 5 months 👩‍🍼 💪 😍

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